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CONDOR Homepage terms of service.

Introduction to the CONDOR website terms of use, agreement and the software environment.

This term of use and agreement (referred to as terms later) sets up the term of the service and it's usage which FELIX CORPORATION (referred to as our company later ) provides on this CONDOR website. Anyone who uses our site (referred to as user later) are required to abide by our terms in order to use our services.

  1. Application

    This term is applied in regards to matters relating to the service and it's usage between users and our company.

  2. Recommended Software Environment

    We recommend users use the following below for use on our site.

    Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0 or later (Windows)
    Google Chrome Latest Version (Windows)
    Mozilla Firefox Latest Version (Windows)
    Apple Safari 8.0 or above (Mac OSX)
    Javascript is used to improve the user's experience on our site. If the Javascript function on your browser is disabled, our site may not function properly. For proper usage of our site, please activate Javascript on your browser.
  3. Prohibited Materials

    The following are prohibited when using our site.

    1. Any acts which violates the law or public order and acts that are deemed immoral.
    2. Any acts involving criminal behavior.
    3. Any acts which destroys or interrupts our server or network service.
    4. Any acts which interferes with our company's service or management.
    5. Any acts which provides a profit to antisocial forces or organization either directly or indirectly through the use of our company's service.
    6. Any acts which our company judges inappropriate.
  4. Revision of service content and termination of services.

    Our company can revise the content of the service or terminate the services provided without notice and we cannot be held responsible for any damage caused.

  5. Copyright

    Our company or the provider owns the intellectual property right of materials which the company has produced, including the images, the copyright and its usage rights or the other rights related on all the copyrighted work, writing and image, photo, portrait, illustration and logos featured on our site.
    Replication, modification, selling and transmission, broadcast, downloading, distribution, revision using our site's information or the programs in other website or the printing is strongly prohibited without the holder's permission.

  6. Brand name

    The brand names stated on our site are attributed to the right holders or are approved by our company.

  7. Disclaimer

    Although our company pays full attention to the information and the contents on our site, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the content of the written information. Also, we cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by the application usage, downloading usage and information including the content written in our site. Also, the information on our site may contain information provided by third party sources. However, this is for user's convenience and our site does not take any responsibility for the accuracy of the content.

  8. Changes to the terms of use

    Our company reserves the right to alter and change the policies and information at any time without notice and when deemed necessary.

  9. Government / Jurisdiction

    The interpretation of the policies outlined are in accordance to the jurisdiction of the laws in Japan.
    If conflicts regarding our service occurs, the regional court in our head office area will become the exclusive adjudicator.