CONDOR - No.1 integrated darts flight and shaft system in Japan.



The Zero Stress Concept was based on engineering advice and consultation from one of the leading and most experienced industrial designers.


The Zero Stress Concept was created based on engineering advice and consultation from one of the leading and most experienced industrial designer in Japan.

To maintain maximum quality, production was only made in Japan. CONDOR was created using the most elaborate craftsmanship that is currently available with today's technology.


Integrated Unibody DesignSimple 2 in 1 Type
Simple 2 in 1 integrated design to provide a stress free setup.
With no flight and shaft separation during play, players are allowed to fully concentrate on their game performance. Integrated Unibody Design
Unique CONDOR Cut
Shaft section features a unique 'CONDOR cut' design that reduces and keeps air resistance to a minimum.
This design feature on the unique integrated flight and shaft system allows for an incredibly close grouping performance. Unique CONDOR Cut
Amazing Flexi-Soft Design
Features a strong flexi-soft type material that eliminates the looseness around the barrel screw in section to provide a tight fit.
Flight and shaft made with a unique soft design that provides a tight performance, low impact and greatly reduced deflections.
The soft characteristics also allow for a smoother and easier grouping performance. Amazing Flexi-Soft Design
Increased Bull Accuracy by up to 4.76%
Based on professional players (including No.1 Japanese Darts Player Yuki Yamada) aiming at the bull using folding type flights and standard market shafts over a 100 throw process. Increased Bull Accuracy by up to 4.76%
Durable and Long-lasting
Up to 3 weeks of long lasting use.
Photo is based on professional playing staff thrown daily (over a 3 hour period) showing minimal damage to the flight part of the product. (Please note this may vary and is dependent on the individual). Durable and Long-lasting

Care and Use

  1. Excessive force near the barrel to shaft screw in section may lead to unnecessary damage. Applying minimal force is more than sufficient to attach firmly to barrel.
  2. For consistent performance and minimal adjustments, it is advised when removing darts from the dart boards to remove from the barrel part and not the shaft and flight section.
  3. Due to the condor cut technology, air buoyancy is slightly increased and therefore it is advised to use a slightly lighter than usual throw.


A new material discovered
in the 21st century
Special premium resin is used.
A new material discovered in the 21st century
With spring-like flexibility
0.4mm super slim flight. It maintains a perfect 90 degree angle even when flattened using the fingers.
More flex than ever before. It also boasts unparalleled durability.
With spring-like flexibility
Heavier than the regular CONDOR
Measurement based on Small L size Weighed based on Small L
Heavier than the regular CONDOR
The delightful sound as the flights collides with each other.
Furthermore, unlike the previous CONDOR, the stiff shaft allows for additional ways to group the darts.
The delightful sound as the flights collides with each other.
High transparency
With the transparency that comes with the clear colored flight in this
product release, when aiming, the darts on the board will not be a
visual distraction.
High transparency


CONDOR TIP LOGO Stress free penetration! Absolutely harder to break! Never comes loose! Stress free penetration! Absolutely harder to break! Never comes loose!
An impact that provides
an incredible experience.
Utilizing the best possible material for a smooth penetration that slides effortlessly into the darts board. Once tried it will provide an experience that can be genuinely felt. CONDOR TIP
No more fiddling
with loose tips – ZERO STRESS.
When combating the slackness or tips becoming loose, the Condor Tips were painstakingly designed with countless revisions after revisions, absolutely pushing the limit of improvement until the screw section is shaped in such a way that no further improvement can be done with current Japanese technology.
When used in combination with the paired TIP LOCK the Condor Tips will provide a stress free performance and freeing yourself to fully concentrate solely on your game without worrying about the tips becoming loose. CONDOR TIP
Carefully selected material and
meticulously designed making it
"close to unbreakable" a reality.
Test after test and exhausting all possible combination of raw materials and determined to make the tips as close to unbreakable as technologically possibly, the absolute very best raw material and technological design was utilized.
Screw section features a meticulously calculated expanded design that is unnoticeable to the naked eye but provides an increase in strength and durability.


After graduating from Hiroshima University in Mechanical Engineering, he worked for Hitachi and was involved in their Electric Fan Planning and Design Division.
He also worked for Yasukawa Electric Corporation and was involved in the Robot System Engineering and Technology Planning and Design Division.
After retirement he became a prominent figure in Fukuoka as a production and manufacturing advisor and also has an active role as an engineering advisor in the field of technology.
Special Field of Study
Manufacturing and Production Advancement (5S / Reliability / Quality Control )
Robotic Technology / Engineering
Instrumentation Technology / Engineering (Certified)
Curriculum Vitae
1970 Hiroshima University - Mechanical Engineering
1983 Yasukawa Electric Corporation - Section Chief of Industrial Science
1989 Yasukawa Electric Corporation - Section Chief of Robotics Division / Robotics System
1992 Yasukawa Technical Research Institute - Director of Solid State Semiconductor Technology
1996 Yasukawa Electric Corporation – Director of Quality Assurance of Components
2003 Yasukawa Electric Corporation – Commissioner of Quality Assurance of Components